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Welcome to the Family!

Welcome to the Family!


Welcome to the family! 

Being able to connect with you on a personal level is important to me as the music I put out is very personal.  Your support of my music also affects me on personal level because it is how I support my family and continue in full time ministry. 

Being in community is very important to me because I know God has called us to be in community with one another.  Being a husband and father myself I have a passion to be in community with other husbands, fathers, or aspiring husbands and fathers.  I know life is better when we support, encourage, and pray for one another.  Because this is important to me, I created a Facebook group called Reformed Dads Huddle.  Not only is this group a place for support, encouragement, and prayer, its also a place to post fun man centered content.  Join our group!

Again thank you for your support as every dollar you spend at Dusty’s Music Shop supports me and my family in full time ministry.  We are always putting up new music, tshirts, mugs, and more. 

I’m always looking to improve the experience on my website and my shop, so if you have any suggestions or comments please message me at

I hope you love the items you purchased!

Thank you again for supporting me and for being a part of the family!

God bless,

Dusty Marshall